My Top 5 Best Personal Cloud Storage

It’s inevitable that cloud storage is getting more important nowadays. People are getting used to them and found that these little innovation of technology lives among their daily life.

From sharing photos, music to store important documents and files, people are gaining their dependency on these cloud storage.

So, wouldn’t we want the best out of it since it’s that important?

I’ve personally come across these 5 cloud storage, tested them thoroughly before I came to this conclusion.

For personal usage, I would highly recommend as per the table below.

The ranking are based on these 4 major factors which I believe plays an important roles if I need the best out from my personal cloud storage:

1) Value for money; 2) Features & functions available; 3) Ease of use, user-friendly; 4) Security & privacy  

Look at my top 5 best business cloud storage as well if you are searching for business usage cloud backup.


Providers Price Highlight Features Smart Rating Info


Drag & Drop
∞ Comp sync




Drag & Drop
Easy installation




OS Backup
Live chat support




Live streaming
2TB storage




High end security
Multiple platform



Webmaster’s Choice - JustCloud

If you had noticed, Justcloud and Mypcbackup has the same smart rating indication.That is because both of them are from the same company, JDI.

You can learn more about them here.

Based in UK, they had emerge quickly as top choices for many in the online backup industry world-wide.

It’s no difference by us here which also pick JustCloud as our top choice when it comes to personal cloud storage.

What Make JustCloud Special?

It’s none other than their aggressive and attractive pricing structure.

For personal usage, I would opt for the least money spent and the most suitable usage for me. I am not saying that cheapest is better, which in most cases they are not.

But for JustCloud, they had what I’m looking for as an average online backup user. For less than $2/mo, I can get all the features that most other competitors are charging for over $10.

That’s A Bold Claim!

Yes.You can say so if you haven’t try it. But I’ve been using them for years and with no problem. I need to admit that I’m not a heavy user that backup everything online. I just backup what I consider important and necessary. Sometimes, the backup does get a little slow but I’m good with it either.

You can get the details from my in-dept review about them. Do not trust everything that I’ve said here. You should try them yourselves before you commit anything. I’ve use their free trial before I sign up with them too. Make sure you do the same!