MyPCBackup Review - Simple & Easy To Go Cloud Storage Ever!

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Plan Reviewed : Premium
Pricing : $3.96/mo
Overall : Recommended! 
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Online Backup & Storage in Just 3 Simple Steps!

As what MyPCBackup claiming, online backup and storage doesn’t need to be complicated. That’s why MyPCBackup introduce these 3 simple steps for your online backup and storage solution.

  1. Sign Up for your MyPCBackup account.
  2. Download and install the free application.
  3. Set it and leave it. MyPCBackup will do the rest for you.

Is it truly that simple? Yes!

When I first download my free trial, there’s even a clear step to step instruction. You simply can’t go wrong with them.

*Did you know that MyPCBackup is a sister company to JustCloud? Both of them are from the same company, Just Develop It. So I’m not going details about the features again since they both are having quite similar features. That’s already been covered in JustCloud Review.


How’s MyPCBackup Going? My Free Trial Encounter

Step 1

So I have download and install MyPCBackup application on my PC. It just needs my email address and a self created password. That’s all! Nothing else actually.

So, next I open the software for the first time using the email address and password that I enter just a minute ago.


Step 2

Then you will need to select the type of your backup. There are only two selections. Whether you pick automatic which is recommended or you can make a custom selection for your backup.

The automatic backup only backup “My Document” folder. As for other files (not in “My Document” folder), you will need to use the Drag & Drop tab. Don’t worry as the drag & drop is very easy to use.


Step 3 

This is the final step to my first encounter with MyPCBackup. I did nothing basically. The backup process started after I make my backup selection. That’s really 3 steps in the process. Nothing else more that you can do. Every steps and moves are directed by clear instruction and messages. There’s no way you can get lost or wrong in the process.


How To Use The Drag & Drop

You’ve been told how great and how easy to use the bitcoin evolution legit function. But you still can’t imagine how it works right?

Don’t worry, I got picture for that. Just open the MyPCBackup application (should be on your desktop). Click the Drag & Drop tab at the top there, then hold & drag any files or folder into the empty space. That’s it. Your files or folders will be backup automatically. Great, isn’t it!


Plan & Pricing For MyPCBackup

As like JustCloud, they offer 3 plans too here for their cloud storage and online backup service.

  1. Home (from $8.95/mo) - 75GB Basic
  2. Premium (from$9.95/mo) - 250GB Advance
  3. Unlimited (from $12.95/mo) - Unlimited

The most popular plan is the Premium plan. They offering discount too during your free trial period. I got a 50% discount offer on my 7th day of trial.


Conclusion: Should I Get MyPCBackup?

Yes, I recommend MyPCBackup to any serious cloud storage finders that want a hassle free and easy to use service.

MyPCBackup is easy to use, great in features, cheap pricing and provide a good support to their customers.

Give MyPCBackup a test run. Try them out yourself extensively and experience the usage for real.